18. Feb. 2022

Prototyping and testing is often done utilizing small embedded devices to act as data-loggers. Data capture is then implemented tailored to the scenario in an effort to save development time. Should the scenario change or a need arise to extend the data collection, it is difficult to accomplish.

To fill this gap, we have tested the IC-Monitor Console with the Raspberry Pi 4. The goal was, to verify the Raspberry Pi as a viable data sink and to enable IC-Monitor users to capture data in prototyping scenarios without the need for any custom solutions.

To this end, several stress tests have been carried out to evaluate the quality of the packet capture on the Pi platform.

The results have been surprisingly good. No packet losses could be determined. And even without the use of an Ethernet TAP with timestamping function the analysis results for real-time Ethernet protocols such as Sercos were satisfactory.

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