Protocol Analysis

With the IC-Monitor you have expert protocol knowledge at your fingertips for your use-cases.

  • Extensive protocol support for:
    • Ethernet, TCP/UDP/IP Stack
    • EtherCAT
    • OPC UA
    • Sercos
    • IO-Link
    • CAN
    • Serial communication
  • Definition and integration of proprietary protocols
  • Interpretation of network protocols and cross-packet-content in real-time
  • Detection and reporting of protocol errors
  • Statistical values for the most important network parameters
  • Exact timestamps and visual representation of timing-behavior

Network Analysis and Error Diagnosis

The IC-Monitor offers a comprehensive set of tools to extract and process-specific data from the packet-oriented communication between multiple participants.

  • Automatic detection and visualization of networks and topology
  • Display of network and device errors in a diagnostic trace
  • Compact display of acyclic parameter transmissions
  • Data reduction through filter and trigger expressions
  • Long-term monitoring and continuous operation
  • Chart View for graphical analysis of protocol- and process-data


The IC-Monitor offers various interfaces for the preparation, configuration and implementation of analysis tasks.

  • Control of the IC-Monitor
    • Graphical user interface or console application
    • Automation with Program-API or REST-API
  • Support for Test Access Points (TAPs) for exact timestamps and detection of faulty network packets
  • Export of packet data to common file formats, e.g. .pcapng, .txt, .csv or .tdms
  • Import and export of settings and network configurations in .xml-files
  • Packet capture via USB, Ethernet and Serial Port
  • Simplified evaluation of parameters and process data through device-description files

System architecture and interfaces of the IC-Monitor

The different configuration-interfaces enable the flexible adaptation of the IC-Monitor to network and hardware configurations. Using the various APIs, the IC-Monitor can also be remotely controlled from your own applications for test and analysis purposes.

Technical Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10 with .NET Framework / .NET Core (see website)

CPU: Min. 1 GHz (or faster), min. 2-Core-CPU

RAM: Min. 2 GB – Depending on recording time/use-case

Hard drive: Min. 2 GB available hard drive space – Depending on recording time/use-case

Graphics: Resolution of 1280 x 1024 Pixels