Analysis of Protocol data

Analyze network communication with bit-level accuracy using a wide range of display options for protocol data.

Comparable with the well-known network analyzer „Wireshark“, the IC-Monitor offers analysis of communication protocols on a packet-, byte-, or bit-level.

Analysis of network packets

A flexible language for filter-expressions facilitates data reduction during the analysis. Particular elements of the packets can be visualized in different data formats.

In addition to the presentation in list format, packet data can also be displayed in charts in the integrated software oscilloscope, thus enabling users to quickly identify patterns that can then be analyzed further.

Analysis of Network Properties and Network Behavior

Get a quick overview of important properties and events in your network.

The IC-Monitor captures relevant data from the network communication and represents it in protocol-specific views. This, for example, can be leveraged to easily analyze parameter settings for all network members.

Visualization of a device parameterization

Moreover, the interpretation of the detected network communications is made easier by technology specific representations of the detected network topology and device status.

Topology visualization of an industrial network

The visualization of timing behavior helps to understand network timing and latency problems.

Timing behavior visualization of a network communication

Troubleshooting with Long-term Measurement

Identify sporadic problems in long-term measurements and isolate them via extensive trigger and filter options.

Particularly with sporadic network errors, it is important to be able to perform long-term measurements. The IC-Monitor supports data capture in continuous operation and enables you to pin-point the errors with extensive trigger and filter options.

Schematic representation of a packet capture with enabled trigger conditions

For example, a configuration to trigger on specific bits in the status words of connected participants, e.g. an error, is easily configured.

Definition of a trigger by means of the built-in expression language

In the following recording only telegrams that match the trigger expression will be captured – in this case, all telegrams that have the error bit set.

Trigger-packet in the list of captured packets

Use as IoT-Gateway

Use the IC-Monitor as an IoT-Gateway to transmit data from your network in real-time to higher-level systems.

During real-time operation the IC-Monitor supports export of packet data in various interfaces formats while applying trigger and filter settings.

With these tools, the IC-Monitor can be used as an IoT-Gateway which makes freely configured parts of the network communication as well as cyclical process-data available for higher-level processes.

Use of the IC-Monitor as IoT-Gateway

In addition to common export file formats, such as .csv, .txt, and .tdms, manufacturer-specific export interfaces can be integrated into the IC-Monitor, via which the data can then be transmitted to higher-level systems.

Automated Testing

Use the built-in program API in your automated tests to collect and evaluate any protocol and process data.

The API-interfaces of the IC-Monitor can be used by test-systems to automatically capture and interpret network communication.


It is possible that automated tests load particular test configurations into the IC-Monitor. After loading a configuration and starting a packet capture via the API of IC-Monitor, the software will then provide the test application with the filtered and processed parts of the network communication and process data to validate the system behavior.


In the case of data being captured between multiple communication systems, it is possible to perform runtime measurements between these systems automatically.

Automated test of cascaded communication systems