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Graphical User Interface of the IC-Monitor

IC-Monitor - Industrial Communication Monitor

The IC-Monitor is a diagnostic platform for industrial communication systems, supporting users with embedded protocol knowledge in the various analysis tasks they might have.

Application Scenarios

Inter-divisional application of the IC-Monitor
Inter-divisional application of the IC-Monitor

Analysis of communication behavior during the development phase


Automated testing of industrial automation components


Troubleshooting in production facilities


Monitoring of network and process data in industrial networks


Use of the IC-Monitor for the analysis of an industrial
Use of the IC-Monitor for the analysis of an industrial network
Real-Time Network Analysis

Recording and evaluation of network packets in real time and simultaneous analysis of different communication protocols

Fast and easy troubleshooting

Automatic detection of network nodes and configurations and display of network and device errors

Important information at glance

Extensive graphical user interface, e.g. for the detailed display of packet transmissions, acyclic communication, network topologies and timing behavior

Automated operation and long-time analysis

Analysis of sporadically occurring events through trigger and filter configurations as well as automated operation via program APIs

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Use Cases

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Our Development Partners

The development of the IC-Monitor has been carried forward by collaboration with strong partners for many years. Driven by the challenges in the projects of our partners, there is continuous development and expansion of the platform IC-Monitor to match the technological advances in communication today. The following companies actively support and facilitate development of the platform.

Steinbeis EST GmbH
Bosch Rexroth AG
Bosch Rexroth AG
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