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28. June. 2023

With release 6.1.2 two interesting new features are introduced to the IC-Monitor. First, the OPC UA Analysis Feature was extended with a “PubSub View” which provides an overview of your Publisher Subscriber connections in a live or file capture, enabling users to quickly verify their configuration. Second, we enabled testers and power users to organize the nodes they frequently analyze in “Signals” and “Signal Sets”. These can be configured and easily used in various views like the Oscilloscope or Telegram List, thus making reconfiguration of your views for different analysis scenarios a breeze.

Aside from these major changes, there are some enhancements and bug fixes worth mentioning:

* Sequence type extended to support IO-Link version 1.1.3.

* Crash and file type issues fixed in the “File” menu.

* Display filters can now be applied immediately after change.

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As usual, a full list of the changes can be found in the release notes in your IC-Monitor installation folder.

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