A new version of the IC-Monitor is now available in the download section

18. January 2024

A new version of the IC-Monitor is available that includes a number of bugfixes and improvements of existing functions.

Important changes in version 6.4.0:

  • We’ve revised the Capture Options to enhance user control and efficiency. The previous “Discard Telegrams after Capture” and “Minimize Memory Usage” options have been consolidated into a new, more intuitive “Memory Usage Level” option. Users can now choose from three levels: Normal, Reduced, and Minimum, tailoring their experience to specific memory requirements.
  • Users will now experience an optimized distribution of telegram data to the respective files after trigger activation when using the “Export file per trigger activation” option in CaptureExport.
  • We’ve fixed the filter logic for nodes, addressing an issue that affected the “Hide equal telegrams” option in the Telegram List view. This bugfix ensures accurate and reliable filtering based on user preferences.
  • We’ve addressed an issue where capture files compressed with zip or 7zip could not be loaded via the Import Dialog.

Visit the download section to explore the enhanced capabilities of IC-Monitor version 6.4.0.

A detailed list of all changes can be found in the release notes in the installation folder of the IC-Monitor.

As always, your feedback. is invaluable as we continue to refine IC-Monitor and provide you with a robust monitoring solution.