IC-Monitor tutorial videos are now available on YouTube

21. September. 2023

As the IC-Monitors list of features has grown over the last releases and the GUI has also been reworked, we found it necessary to help our users to achieve their analysis tasks more effectively, explain new ways to accomplish tasks and to lower the entry hurdle for new users. While nothing accomplishes this better than in person training, we opted for the next closest option: video tutorials.

In close coordination with our users, we selected topics for our first tutorials to be released on the new IC-Monitor YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@IC-Monitor. We chose YouTube as a platform, as it is not only easily accessible but also offers users the chance to get in contact with each others and our developers.

For new users we offer tutorials in the “Getting started” section, that help you accomplish the most common tasks in IC-Monitor. While advanced users can find in depth explanations of specific settings in the “Fundamentals” section.

All videos are split into sections, so you won’t have to watch a fifteen minute tutorial to find out how to configure a post-scope for your trigger capture. We are also working to link and reference tutorials where it makes sense, to make it easy for our users to find what they are looking for or explore options and features that you didn’t know the IC-Monitor had.

We look forward to seeing you on https://www.youtube.com/@IC-Monitor.

Feel free to send us your feedback.